I find the new lady at the reception desk, just beyond the twelve-foot pillar of LCD screens in the front lobby to be very intimidating. I do not know her name because if I tried to look at her nametag, I’m afraid she might think I was a pervert for looking at her chest, and I’m not. I accidentally made eye contact last week, and broke into a cold sweat. Her eyes were so blue that they distracted me for the rest of the day and kept me from concentrating on the AI routines I was working on. Her mere presence makes it difficult to work: how could  I create such inherently flawed  pieces of software when a creature of such astounding perfection walks the halls of the campus. I don’t mean to imply I’m sexist: I love all women … in a strictly platonic capacity for the most part … I’m just so intimidated that I don’t know what to do.